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Shalupe Foundation began as a small grassroots effort to give street children in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a chance at a better life. Maman Jeanne Kasongo, a successful entrepreneur, began opening her home to orphans and other vulnerable children who needed her help. Maman Jeanne's house became a refuge, sheltering children and young mothers while equipping them with the tools they needed to lead healthy, productive lives.


​With the onset of the war in 1997, Maman Jeanne's house saw an influx of children arriving from all over the country. Orphans, escaped child soldiers, and victims of violence flooded into Kinshasa seeking refuge from the war. In order to meet this growing need, Maman Jeanne co-founded Shalupe ("Lifeboat") Foundation. Fully funded by Maman Jeanne's businesses and the contributions of community members, Shalupe Foundation expanded its reach to help a wide array of disenfranchised women and children.


Today, Maman Jeanne an ambassador of peace, advocates for peace at prestigious international forums and continue to raise awareness of the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo . Through our country office in Kinshasa. Shalupe Foundation runs sustainable programs that provide tuition assistance, hospital bills, skills training, and micro-credit loans to our constituents. 


Our Story

Despite these changes, our commitment to serving the vulnerable populations of the DRC has only grown over the years. We look forward to the day when every woman, girl, and child in this beautiful country can live a fulfilling, prosperous life free from the threats of war, poverty, and sexual violence.

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