Shalupe Foundation together with the community in Pakajuma has launched a new Cholera preparedness and sensitization initiative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is among the countries most affected by the burden of cholera with 19 182 cholera cases in 2015 and 28 093 cases in 2016 were reported. Declared in the month of July 2017 by the WHO, the epidemic of cholera reached proportions in the DRC now with 24 out of  26 provinces affected by the disease with nearly 55 000 cases diagnosed and around 1000 deaths since the month of January 2017. Each week, more than 100 new cases of cholera are registered, the rise of latrines, of waste caused by the floods. In Kinshasa, 28 people died and 411 are contaminated since the end of the month of November 2017.

Shalupe Foundation’s  action is occurring in the cramped slum of Pakajuma, Kinshasa and in 23 out of 26 regions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Shalupe Foundation is working closely with the community to obtain the necessary equipment and resources to carry out a large-scale campaign that will educate the population about Cholera and prepare the local authorities and clinics to deal with an outbreak. 


The campaign is expected to reach approximately 500,000 individuals over a 6-month period.
























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